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WITS summer camps provide an exciting adventure for 3,500 Houston youth. For 26 years the renowned Creative Writing Camp with Rice University has nurtured storytelling, literacy, and creative learning. WITS also provides creative writing camps throughout the summer at numerous locations across Houston in partnership with the University of Houston-Downtown, Duchesne Academy, Sherwood Forest Montessori, and Jewish Community Center. Additionally, in 2016 we launched a new digital media and game camp.

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Available Grade Levels

  • StorytellersGrades K-2:

    Storytellers experience dramatic play, reading, dictation, journaling, and independent writing in creative ways. Children create short stories, plays, and poems for a class anthology and performance. Basic literacy skills are addressed in context, and are not a prerequisite for entering kindergartners.

  • WritersGrades 3-6:

    Writers write stories, essays, poems, and plays with daily exercises that teach literary techniques, extend vocabulary, and encourage creative expression. Students write, edit, and revise original writing that is shared through readings, performances, and an anthology.

  • InventorsGrades 7-8:

    Inventors explore different literary genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) in a supportive writing environment that includes individualized attention and group interaction. Students participate in readings, performances, and publish their work.

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  • AuthorsGrades 9-12:

    Authors experiment with genres and emerging art forms (such as performance poetry or graphic novels), helping them excel at advanced writing. Students develop their voice through daily writing, one-on-one conferences, peer review, publication, and performance.

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WITS + University of Houston-Downtown: WritingCamp

UH-DIn partnership with the University of Houston-Downtown, WITS offers one-week, full-day courses at five Houston-area locations. WritingCamp is the place for young writers looking to find or develop their voices. The courses include creative topics for 2nd through 6th graders, performance writing for 7th-10th graders, and essay writing for 10th-12th graders who are preparing to enter college. After-care is available at select campuses. For more information contact: 713.221.8032.

  • $249-315 per student(1-week sessions)
  • Extended care available at select locations

WITS + Duchesne Academy: Heart of the Summer

Duchesne Camp LogoIn partnership with Duchesne Academy’s Heart of the Summer Program, WITS offers three two-week creative writing summer sessions in June and July for 1-8 grade boys and girls. Students work with a professional writer, and the low teacher-student ratios ensure individual attention. Through grade level appropriate activities such as writing stories, poetry, essays, and plays, children develop new skills, stretch their creativity, and enjoy inspiration and mentoring from professional writers. The workshops end with culminating events and published anthologies. Non-Duchesne families are welcome to attend. For more information contact: 713.468.8211, ext. 200.

  • Cost $425 (2-week sessions)
  • Extended care available

WITS + Jewish Community Center: Camp WITS

JCC LogoIn partnership with the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center Summer Camp, WITS provides a two-week camp, helping 1st and 2nd grade students develop strong writing skills. At Camp WITS, students take part in hands-on activities that garner an understanding and command of writing, utilizing engaging exercises and lessons. Students use knowledge and abilities to create an anthology of short stories and poems. After-care is available for a full-day camp experience combining a morning of WITS with an afternoon of camp activities. ERJCC membership is required to participate in camp programs. For more information contact: 713.551.7208.

  • $425 per student (2-week sessions)
  • Extended care available

WITS + Sherwood Forest Montessori School

WITS + Sherwood Forest Montessori School: In partnership with Sherwood Forest Montessori School, WITS provides one and two-week camps, getting 1st through 6th grade students excited about writing and developing their storytelling skills. At the WITS Summer Program, students will work with a professional writer, creating new worlds and finding what inspires them while engaging in individual and collaborative writing exercises. At the end of the session, students will have a new body of work and be more confident in their writing abilities. For more information contact: 713.464.5791.

  • $360 per student (1 & 2-week sessions)

WITS Digital @ Briarmeadow Charter School

image_witsdigitalGame Camp (Grades 3-6) combines creative writing with game-based technologies, bridging the writing process with that of game design. Students will become creators versus consumers of media as they use their poems and stories as the foundation for designing original games via platforms including Gamestar Mechanic. Game Camp offers an exciting STEM and IB-aligned game-based writing experience, providing participants with an interactive learning adventure. In addition to improving their writing skills, students will practice creative problem solving, collaboration, systems thinking, and 21st century skills in a fun and engaging environment.
Wired Words  (Grades 6-8) In this hands-on multimedia camp, students will work with a professional writer to create digital writing projects drawn from and inspired by their own worlds. Through individual and collaborative writing exercises, students will learn the importance of writing for an audience and discover innovative ways to utilize online web platforms to share their writing with others. Participants will explore creative writing genres in online and multimedia formats, translating their stories, essays, scripts, and poetry into digital forms including blogs and tumblrs. No prior experience with technology is necessary.

  • $360 per student (2-week sessions)


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